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The changing landscape of health insurance is a frequent cause of confusion and even frustration. Of all the insurance premiums we pay, Health is usually the biggest monthly expense, and the one where we potentially get the least coverage for our investment dollar.


Healthcare comes in many shapes and sizes with huge differences between policies and companies. Important questions must be answered, such as:

  • How much will your deductible be and what counts towards it?
  • What kind of treatments and prescriptions are covered?
  • How much of a hospital stay will you be expected to pay out-of-pocket?
  • Are there limitations?
  • Are prescriptions aside from generic covered?


It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking at all the potential policies, and all of the small print that goes into them. HMOs, PPOs, Fee-for-Service plans, and more can mean that we pick the wrong policy given what we would like our healthcare insurance to cover.


Long’s Insurance can talk to you about what you are hoping to get for your insurance dollar. We can find the best policy to meet the most your needs, and do it for the best price in the Colorado marketplace.


To learn how you might save money and increase coverage for you and your family, contact us today.


Individual and family health insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that is made available to individuals and families, rather than to employer groups or organizations. Learn more about the kinds of insurance you can purchase:

Why Health Insurance?

When it comes to your health you can never be too careful, and with the rising cost of medical care, Health Insurance has become a top priority. In order to have your health expenses covered at a reasonable price, having the right insurance is a necessity. Although plans vary according to your needs, they can cover anything from medical and hospital expenses to prescription drugs.

While finding the right Health Insurance is not always an easy choice, representatives from Long's Insurance Agency are committed to providing the knowledge and support you need to help you make the right decision for you, your family, or your business.

At Long's Insurance Agency, we provide health care insurance services near Frederick, CO, Firestone, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Lafayette, CO, Louisvile.

Fee For Service Health Insurance

Fee-For-Service (FFS) means that providers are paid a specified amount for each service provided, just as the name implies. This means that the insurance company pays a flat rate for each service you might receive. So, for instance, they will pay a set amount of money for you to see your primary care physician. If the bill is higher than what their fee for that service is, you will be required to pay the difference.


Sometimes these policies, called Indemnity Policies, will require you to pay 100% of the bill upfront, and then seek reimbursement from the insurance company by filling the appropriate paperwork. The upside of these plans is that they offer a great degree of freedom to choose your doctor in whatever state you choose. The downside is that the monthly fees tend to be higher, and you are responsible for much of the paperwork yourself.


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Connected with Jim at Long's Insurance and he saved me and my family $800.00 on our monthly insurance payment, for medical !!! Thanks !!!
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Long's Insurance Company is the best. They tailor everything to our specific needs!
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I have saved a lot of time and money since I began working with them for my insurance needs. I heartily recommend them to my friends, neighbors and associates.
Thank you so very much, we are so pleased to be with all of you, it is a wonderful change from what we have experienced in the past!
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I mean it from the bottom of my heart you and Longs Insurance have made ever thing we have needed to do such an easy and hassle free process! It is such a relief to be able to email or call and have an answer within just a few moments! We are truly glad we switched insurance agencies. We have never been more happy or pleased with a company and with true old-fashioned customer service! Its like gaining a new and great friendship when we switched to you and Longs Ins.
Thank you for making this so easy and for your personal care! Much appreciated
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