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Commercial Property Insurance

Protection for Your Business Itself.

Property and liability insurance pays for losses arising from real or alleged injury when your company is sued. It covers bodily injury occurring on your business premises, or from your operations (such as one of your workers breaking a customer’s possession). Although seen less often, it also covers things like libel, copyright infringement, and wrongful conviction from your place of business.


Property insurance includes not only your place of business, but also things like your personal and work cell phone. Basic property insurance policies typically cover explosions, fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, smoke, aircraft or vehicle damage, vandalism, sprinkler leakage and sinkhole collapse. Additional coverage can be added for water damage, damage from the weight of snow, ice or sleet, breakage of glass and coverage for falling objects.

Additional Business Protection

In some cases, your business can save more by combining Property with Liability for the convenience of having your business needs met. To find out more about combining coverages, contact Long's Insurance Agency today.