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About Long's Insurance

Long’s was recently acquired by Kelstar Insurance which is a multi-state agency headquartered in Cheyenne Wyoming. It was formed in 2018 as the common name for two top-notch agencies – Apex Insurance Agency International Inc, and Long's Insurance Agency.  The combined experience and carrier relationships of these agencies provides you with expanded coverage options and competitive price points.

Kelstar, like Long’s,  is privately owned by the Principal Agents and focuses on responsive, knowledge-focused, consultative relationships with our customers.  The Principal Agents have over 15 years of insurance agency experience. 


Very simply, we are on your side.  We work for you, not for the insurance industry, and we will fight to get you the best policy, the fastest claim service, and the most coverage for your dollar invested, period.


Industry Knowledge 
With extensive insurance experience, Long’s Insurance agents will provide you with the right product for all of your unique insurance needs.  We start by looking over your current policies to see if you have your desired coverage.  We then find places where you can combine or increase your coverage, often while saving money. 

Long’s Insurance only deals with A+ (Superior) rated insurance companies, rated by A.M. Best.  This means that we only recommend coverage by the most reputable, well-run insurance companies with a proven track record of success.


Competitive and Innovative Products 
We are insurance experts.  This means that we can offer you personalized policies that will be tailored for you and your needs, not general policies that will include extra coverage you don’t need.  From start up businesses to personal health insurance to large commercial interests, we have the products and policies you need to minimize risk and maximize success.  


Unmatched Claims Service
When it comes time to making a claim against one of your policies, Long’s Insurance Agency will help to expedite the process so you can get your reimbursement as fast as possible.  We will stand along side of you every step of the way. 


For Colorado In Colorado 
Long’s Insurance is a statewide insurance company operating throughout Colorado.  Our focus is on the greater Denver and Front Range area.  We never want to be so large that we can’t provide the personalized service and one-on-one contact that has been the bedrock of our success.